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Hey guys!

Free to the person wanting to convert to electric. 1997 Volvo 850 wagon with manual transmission. Runs but needs new cat, motor mounts, timing belt, PVC system, you get the idea. I just can't throw away a manual transmission without offering it for some good use. Two good quality Michelin tires. Two cheap unknown tires. Had a new clutch. And it has the good seats with the side air bags. They are self-contained so could be installed in another Volvo!

Has title, but big registration bill of maybe $731. depends on your location. So the car is free if you register it so it's officially off of our registration. If you are a shop and can lein sale "buy" it, I can go with that.

Or you need just the transmission and other parts, I can go with that. I just don't like throwing away good stuff like a transmission.

Just a silly old man who loves Volvos and can't throw away rare valuable parts, Best, Josh
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