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Volvo electric truck

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Volvo unveils its first all-electric truck with ‘up to 300 km’ (186 miles) of range

Electrek’s Take

The focus on electric trucks has so far been on semis, like Tesla Semi, Daimler’s heavy-duty all-electric truck concept, and Cummins’ electric truck effort, but there are also some medium-size truck programs to compete with Volvo.

For example, Daimler already started delivering all-electric trucks in Europe. VW is also investing $1.7 billion to bring electric trucks to market in Europe.

It’s certainly an easier vehicle category to electrify and there’s certainly a large market for it. Mid-size delivery trucks are both a great source of pollution via emissions and noise pollution in urban regions. City dwellers should certainly appreciate every diesel truck replaced by all-electric alternatives.
I agree, except that the public focus has been on long-haul highway trucks, while the focus of both truck manufacturers and truck operators has been on urban applications... where it should be.
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Local trucks are in some ways bigger polluters than semis, and better candidates for all-electric vs hybrid. All the stop and start favors electric.
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