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Volvo explores battery body panels

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Hi to all,

What do you guys think of this?

Technology is growing faster by days!
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The article is a bit confusing. It seems to be suggesting that the roof, hood, doors, etc. could be replaced with these pannels that are also batteries. But it seems that the car manufacturers are talking about putting one battery into the wheel well, and the rest will just be carbon fiber for weight reduction. That's nothing new really. Good to see a major auto-company coming around, but there have been CF pannels for a long time.

If they actually are talking about putting batteries in places like the hood, doors, etc. that is a price nightmare. It's a neat concept, but when somebody carelessly opens their door and you have to buy a new pannel with this big battery inside it instead of just popping out the dent, it suddenly seems less novel. Seems like a big safety hazard too. In the most common collisions, like low-speed front-to-back accidents, low speed backing accidents, etc. you can cause a fair bit of damage to the various panels you have right now, but it's a matter of getting dents popped out and maybe some new (and expensive) plastic/fiberglass fascia. Now you're talking about a battery bursting right in front of you, or right on top of the engine, etc.

I think practically speaking they won't be able to put a battery like compartment anywhere except under the floor. Otherwise, it's too dangerous to the passenger and needlessly expensive to get simple automotive repairs done.
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