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Jerry Dycus was working on something similar to what you propose, called the "Freedom EV", but made of wood.


An excellent 70 mpg gasoline trike to draw inspiration from is the Tryane II.

If you had a car like the Tryane II, a 300 lbs 72V 180AH China Aviation LiFePO4 pack, an Alltrax 7245 controller, and an ADC 8" motor are all you would need to have an 80+ mph capable, 120 mile range EV(to 80% DoD) that weighed in at around 1200 lbs and did 0-60 mph < 15 seconds. The EV parts would cost around $6,000 if you get working but used parts, and buy the batteries new. As a production car, it would probably cost $15,000 or so to hand build a turnkey model.
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