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VW 1 Liter replica?

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I am curious, in looking for the most aerodynamic "potentially practical" body design for my next trike, I am becoming enamored by the 1 liter, largely because body design scares me and is beyond my abilities, and with 100km (67mi) for a liter of fuel, its super impressive as an ICE.

So here is what I am wondering:

If there were a 1 liter replica out there as a kit that you would install your own drive system into and paint but was otherwise complete, A) would there be a market for 3 to 5 a month? and B) What would people pay for the "roller"?

Also, do you guys think its more important to make it look like the 1 liter for "replica value" or more unique? for example headlight placement etc?

I understand that it would go from a 4 wheeler to a trike, but no body changes would be absolutely nessassary to accomplish this, save possibly going 4 or 5" eider in the nose and a few inches narrower in the tail.

One more thing, any other 'concept cars" with ridiculusly good aero come to mind to replicate?
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Hi Today

There are several different ways of making composite shells
Look up - Mouldless techniques

Bert Rutan (of Spaceship 1 fame) made a lot of his aircraft using mouldless techniques

The high school solar car I worked on (Solar Stealth 2) was made using mouldless techniques

The basic idea is to carve foam to the shape you want and then skin it with fiber glass
(you can use carbon fiber BUT it will cost more and probably have a lower strength/weight ratio)

If you skin the inside as well you get a massively strong and light composite
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