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VW 1 Liter replica?

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I am curious, in looking for the most aerodynamic "potentially practical" body design for my next trike, I am becoming enamored by the 1 liter, largely because body design scares me and is beyond my abilities, and with 100km (67mi) for a liter of fuel, its super impressive as an ICE.

So here is what I am wondering:

If there were a 1 liter replica out there as a kit that you would install your own drive system into and paint but was otherwise complete, A) would there be a market for 3 to 5 a month? and B) What would people pay for the "roller"?

Also, do you guys think its more important to make it look like the 1 liter for "replica value" or more unique? for example headlight placement etc?

I understand that it would go from a 4 wheeler to a trike, but no body changes would be absolutely nessassary to accomplish this, save possibly going 4 or 5" eider in the nose and a few inches narrower in the tail.

One more thing, any other 'concept cars" with ridiculusly good aero come to mind to replicate?
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