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VW LT doka with Nissan leaf

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Right. I guess I should start posting a couple pictures. lol
This is the subframe for the project. It will bolt right up under the frame after I take out the existing axle and leaf spring system. I am making the halfshaft extensions now at the moment and just waiting for an air bag suspension system to show up.
I have the complete Leaf loom but there are a lot of inputs to the breaking system, hall sensors, steering sensor (I'm not sure I have that component), yaw sensor, and they all work to control the ABS system. Any insight into simplifying this mess would be appreciated.


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Hi , new to this thread, we have put together a geo metro with a 2013 leaf drive train, using our vcu to control the CAN messages that run the inverter. I would like to get photos of builds that others are doing with these cheap leaf drives. we have plans to put one in a ski boat ,and a two motor 4wheel drive vehicle. up next will be my MAzda Miata. I am working on mating the motor to the transmission now. Clutch or no clutch is my question .thunderstruck motors
thanks Brian
we are just using the heater core to cool the motor /inverter. seems to work fine even on hot California days in the summer
1 - 3 of 64 Posts
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