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Howdy, fellow EV converters!
I'm testing my DIY battery pack for an electric passat b4 conversion that I'm doing, and want to share my current setup. The battery pack now consists of two battery modules. The first battery module is about 20 kWh and the second one (temporary) is also 20 kWh, which gives me 40 kWh total capacity.
This is still a temporary setup, I traveled around 240 km and there was still 15% of the total charge left, so far things look promising.
You'll see how I assembled and installed the battery from scratch. We'll take a look at the battery cells with NMC chemistry that I use and see how I installed a BMS. I'll talk about two possible ways of BMS installation and data bus wiring.
Let me know what you think!
P.S. English captions available

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