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My name is Patrick and I'm from Germany. Currently I work as a mechanical engineer. So far, I have only used combustion engines in cars. However, since I have built highly efficient bicycles for almost a decade (velomobiles and recumbents), I also wanted to make my car a little more environmentally friendly.
Currently I own two Polo 86C, one with 92HP naturally aspirated engine and one with 150HP turbo engine. Consumption 3.5-5l / 100km at economical driving. I do not drive a 5000km car a year, so this is a "fun project".

Buget: about 15000 €
craftsmanship: very good (+ well-equipped workshop with lathe, milling machine, 3D printer, etc.)
Time: rather short
Target: 200km range + less than 7 seconds from 0 to 100km / h

Base: restored Polo 86C, 500kg without engine / tank

I am looking for many hours for a suitable motor / controller / battery combination. Currently a Hyper9HV + X144 controller + 7pcs. 5,3kWh Tesla battery my favorite.
A Tesla motor brings much more power, but costs more and weight due to the required 350V + battery voltage.

The Hyper9 seems to be limited according to the diagram (constant output over wide speed range). How far can you overload the motor and controller? (Only for speeding up)

Do you have any tips or am I on the right track?

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