1966 VW van. Converted to electric 10 years ago. Looks shiny but some rust. Needs all new batteries (was set-up for 22 12vt marine), brakes need work, front seat cushions are shot, back seat and gas tank (
Tire Wheel Volkswagen type 2 Vehicle Car
Wheel Vehicle Tire Volkswagen type 2 Hood
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Vehicle
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle door Window
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire
Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Van Automotive tire

not pictured) are included. Title is clear.
All electric drive:
9" D/C motor (Advanced Motors& Drive120 vt DC part#FBI-4001),
Soliton Jr controller
Quick Charge charging unit
Schumaker 12 vt battery charger
120/12vt converter
computer radiator with 24"fans for Solitron
12vt water circulating pump & 1 gal coolant reservoir for cooling controller
DC amp 0-1000
DC voltage 0-150
DC 12vt guage
Potentiometer for acceleration pedal.
Car Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle
Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover Wood Vehicle door
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Steering part Vehicle Automotive lighting
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire