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Hi! Where can I buy a wake on charge modul for a Azure Transite Connect? New och used?
I don't know of a source for a replacement since ran out of them.

Does yours pop the 10a fuse at F4 and perhaps the 25a fuse at F35?
If so, it could be that there is a shorted Transorb in the WOC module.
Ive worked with one where the problem was that the transient absorber was shorted and removing that Transorb allowed the WOC to work once again.
That seems to be a common problem as I know that EVTV has sold at least 9 of the WOC modules.
I don't have a photo to share but I can describe it a bit if you (or an acquaintance) has soldering gear and skills.
The WOC is a blue module located in front of and under the 12v vehicle battery.
You can remove it from the vehicle and open it up by removing 4 screws.
It will contain a soft silicon potting material that can be removed with a wooden toothpick or Popsicle stick.
12vdc power comes in on pin 1 and ground is on pin 8.
If the Transorb is shorted, a multi-meter will show a short between those pins

If you get that far and can't identify the defective part, post a picture of your circuit board and I'll try to help identify the transorb.

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By coincidence I have the same question here.

I understand there are no replacements anymore, but what is exactly the function of the module?
When I pluging the vehicle the Brusa comes up in the diagnostic tool and shows the CP value.

I saw in the wiring diagram that the CP value from the wallbox is read by the Brusa and the WOC.
Does the WOC control the ESS to go into charge mode? And afterwards command the Brusa?

PS: in most EV vehicles which I know no need to splice the CP wire. It goes to the charge controller or Brusa and the VCU handles the rest.

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When it comes to my car, the error is intermittent. I think "wake on charge module" is the problem. The car sometimes charges. It can take months between the charging is working. When charging starts, the car can usually be charged two to three times before the problem returns. When the car can not be charged, it can be read as shown when the charge cable is connected. Is the "Wake on charge module" the problem?
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