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Want to Buy - Honda Delsol EV conversion cars

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We want to purchase Honda Delsols that have been converted to EVs, or complete kits for the Delsol that can be handed over to our garage.

The end product must have at least a 50 mile range, and be able to reach a speed of at least 70 mph.

We prefer purchasing converted EV Delsols that have already been registered since the conversion was completed.
Preferred states of registry are NJ, PA, NY, or CT.

Minor dents and dings in the body are OK, since the cars will be repainted.
There must be no frame damage to the donor vehicles.
There must be no accidents in the CARFAX reports for the donor vehicles.

Delivery will be taken in the NYC Metro Area.
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We are really looking to purchase converted Delsols that are already legally registered.

We are not looking for plans, individual parts, batteries, controlers, mechanics for hire, or other assistance with this project.

We are not interested in any other vehicle conversions.

If you have converted Delsols into EVs, we want to see them - and purchase them if they meet our criteria.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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