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want to convert my car need help?

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hello all, I have been thinking about converting my car for a long time and I found this site which is great but so much info I need a little help.

ok here goes:
I work on all my cars but little fabrication experience
Car - 96 lexus 400 or 92 acura vigor
performance: 0-60 don't matter as much just need it to be reliable transportation and able to travel minimum of 50 miles
I will be doing this on a very limited budget as Im in school so I will be using used parts as much as possible. ebay ebay lol
so base on the car I have and the miles i want to travel before recharge could you guys recommend a system I should get? I also would like to have PS-Heat-Power Brakes
Thanks in advance
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Sounds like a 9 inch series DC motor, 144Volt 500amp controller minimum, about $5K worth of lithium cells, minimum. The Lexus is kind of heavy and will take more battery to get the range you want. What sort of driving will you be doing, highway, hills, stop and go, etc.?
very limited budget
The key here is limited budget. It makes it tougher to do the miles on a limited budget as the batteries needed will be expensive. I am assuming of course that you will need to go those 50 miles at freeway speeds. A limited budget is also pretty subjective. My term of limited may be $3000 bucks where another idea of limited is $500 and another persons idea of limited is $15000 bucks. So where do you stand? Again I assume more in the $500 to $3000 range by the sounds of your posting. Reliable is another one of those things that requires money. Speed requires money and speed and distance and reliable again costs more. Costs can add up fast. Some here might be better off selling the vehicle and getting like a VW TDI and go veggie rather than electric for now. It may actually be cheaper to do that. You get your distance, speed, comfort and alternative fuel for cleaner air. Still its not electric which is just way cool. So tally up your actual budget and then we can go from there. We have seen plenty of good around town vehicles that are reliable but dont have much distance at freeways speeds but might do reasonable at much lower speeds like 35 to 40 mph. Still it may not meet your needs. There is no one out of the bag setup we can tell you that will work. Wish we could and fit your needs and budget and your chosen vehicle. You might consider finding a good used EV and then spend your money on lithium batteries. That may work too. For some it has worked well. It is a buyers market right now and good opportunities are there to buy if you find a good one. Like with any used vehicle don't just grab the first one that comes around. You must do your homework first. Electric is not the same as ICE.

You ready to build or buy?

Pete :)
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hey guys, thanks for the reply's
well I was thinking more like $3000 max budget and with that budget I was going to buy each item slowly, but it seems like i have the wrong car and the wrong budget to convert my car to electric. Im so tired of paying for gas and nasty oils thats killing us slowly. I needed the 50 miles to go from home to the university and back but it seems like the money needed to convert is beyond my reach. I was so excited when reading the forum about people converting and freeing them self from the gas company's but I might be held hostage for a few more years. lol but thanks guys for the input I will still hang around the sight to read the great story's and stay inform
thanks again
Any chance you could charge at school? That would cut your range requirements and allow you to do a lead acid conversion instead of lithium. You could also do a search for "forkenswift" which describes how to do a very cheap EV with a lot of scrounging and used components.
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