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Want to replace 17KW DC Eng by AC

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My 17KW 96V brushed DC Engine of my VW Golf2 Citystromer sounds like it would need new bearings soon. Rather than to have it rebuilt, I`m thinking to replace it by an AC Engine, since it`s more efficient.
Can anyone recomend a reasonable priced good solution for engine and controller, or should I leave everything the way it is?:)
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A Warp9 + a Curtis = about $3400
AC50 +AC Curtis = about $4300
However the AC Curtis includes a tach, voltmeter, ammeter, motor temp monitor, controller temp monitor, and fault code display from the controller. If you added all that to the Warp9 system the total difference would be less. Then factor in the lack of brush maintenance, and no possibility of brushes overheating and failing, and the joys of regen, and the price difference looks even smaller.
so what you say on the newest regen test of jack??

the result is, that regen gives you ZERO extra range...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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