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Wanted: Charger for pack of LiPo4 60S6P 3-5kW

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I found the charger, thank you all!
Ready to close.
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I perhaps have an interesting charger for you. It is a new Elcon, 5kW. I bought it for my 90S LiFePO4 setup (nominal voltage 288 V), but during my build phase I changed to a pack with nominal voltage of 355 V.
Please send me an e-mail lars (at) if you are interested and for more info.
I have a Zivan NG3 charger here for sale. Its a 3KW and 240V ac input

I used it in a toyota prius plug in conversion charging to 260VDC.

The adjustment range is from around 220VDC to 300VDC via a turnpot potentiometer, also got adjustment via a turnpot for the current, so its very configurable.

It also has a lithium profile loaded ready to charge any lithium cell.

I would be willing to ship it anywhere in the world of course at your cost.

Contact me if you wiuld be interested in it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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