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The problem is shipping the things - a useful motor will be between 60 kg and 120 kg

Your best bet is to find out who repairs electric forklifts in your area and VISIT them with some cash in hand

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Does anyone have a used series wound forklift motor that they will sell me for my first ev conversion?
I do.... I have an 8" ADC with about 15,000 miles on it I was going to pull from my first conversion later this summer. Depending where you are, shipping will likely be $100-200 from New Mexico. It is currently in my eSwift , and has a CANev clutched design adaptor to the original Swift tranmission.

Alternatively, we could talk about selling you the whole car as-is and you can dismantle and re-use the good bits.... basically everything but the controller and batteries. You can check out all the bits and pieces and the build at . Shipping the entire car would probably cost around $1000, but you can probably recover $250 after you strip it by recycling at the scrapyard.

If you want to schedule a WhatsApp video call to see current condition, etc, or email more info, please contact me directly by email:
dan at
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