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5 Best Hand Vacuum Cleaners in 2019 for Your Review

Want to know which hand vacuum cleaner is the best? Here are the five units that can be considered to be the best hand vacuum cleaner in 2019.

When we clean or sweep our house, we usually use a broomstick or a brush to do the job. However, as technology keeps evolving, vacuum cleaners are gradually replacing all manual tools.

They can help you save time and effort to keep your home in a pristine state.

There are several types of vacuum cleaners, and it might be difficult to make a choice. If you are interested in a tool with a small design, a hand vacuum cleaner may be perfect for you. Here are five gadgets that are considered to be the best hand vacuum cleaners in 2019.

BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum

Powerful suction force, long battery life, compact while being lightweight and a fast recharge speed, the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster can be said to be the best-rated vacuum cleaner. For approximately $50, which is a reasonable price, you can acquire this little monster for dealing with dust and dirt around your house.

It uses a Lithium-Ion battery which allows you to use it for up to 18 months before recharging. This means that you don't have to recharge it very often. The package includes a charger base that will fill the battery up in just 4 hours, which is nice as you don't have to wait long for a recharge.

When we are talking about hand vacuums, they are small and compact, but some models are quite heavy. The BLACK+DECKER is not one of those. At just 2.6 pounds in weight, you can use the vacuum for a whole day without getting tired.

While it is small, the BLACK+DECKER contains a powerful suction force, around 15.2 AW, which will make even the stickiest dirt have to resign to their fate.

What about its dust container? Conveniently, the bin is made of see-through plastic. With it, you can check whether it is full quite easily. The emptying process is simple as well. Just detach the vacuum cleaner hose, and you can dump all the debris inside into the garbage bin. Moreover, the container is also detachable so that you can wash it with soap and water easily.

However, because you cannot replace the battery, the BLACK+DECKER is like a 1-time use item. That means you will have to throw it in the trash if the battery breaks down.


While it is not a cordless type, the LOVIN PRODUCT hand vacuum comes with a low price, at just $20 or lower, along with some satisfying features.

Similar to the BLACK+DECKER, this model is lightweight and has a powerful suction force. On the other hand, the Black+Decker depends on its built-in ion battery while the Lovin model requires a nearby electric socket. That also means you can use it for an extended time with its reliable power source.

The package also includes three different types of cleaning heads (Long Mouth, Brush, and Soft Long Tube) so that you can be flexible in cleaning and able to get to many hard-to-reach places like the crevices in a sofa.

As you have noticed, the LOVIN PRODUCT is built for car cleaning purposes. Although you can use it in your house, it can be a bit inconvenient because it is not cordless.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 Handheld Vacuum

Next, we have the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Hand Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum is perfect for families that have pets or those who are a pet groomer as a profession.

While the Bissell can suck up dust like a regular hand vac, it can also solve your problems with long, hard to clean pet hairs. Moreover, there is a cleaning head that has a grooming feature in the package so that you can safely use the vacuum directly on your pet’s coat with no problem.

As the tools are specialized for pet care, its power falls on the weaker side. That means you will have to struggle a little if you wish to suck up dirt and debris that is stuck deeply in your sofa, carpet, etc.

Shark WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

If you only look at the tool's features, the Shark WANDVAC is much better than the current best-rated vacuum cleaner, the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster. It is lighter, more powerful, boasts a better design, faster recharge time, and many more additional features. Moreover, the battery can be replaced with a new one, unlike the BLACK+DECKER, which is only usable until the battery breaks.

If it is better, why does it rate so low? Because the vacuum is costly; it is almost double the BLACK+DECKER's price. Also, it is a very loud machine while in operation. Another thing is its bin's capacity is small, so you might have to empty it quite frequently while using it.

In the end, the Shark WANDVAC may be unsuitable unless you are willing to invest more money. Also, it can be chaotic if there are pets in your house as the noise will startle them.

Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner

While the design of the Hoover Air Hand Vacuum Cleaner is small and attractive, the tool's suction force is potent, allowing you to take care of any annoying dust, dirt, and human or pet hair that gets stuck in the carpet, pillow, sofa, etc.

The vacuum is also in the lightweight class, at around 4 pounds. That means you can clean from room to room without breaking a sweat.

It utilizes a Lithium Life battery to operate and you are able to change it with another battery if you have one. However, the run time for each fully charged battery is quite short, only about 20 to 30 minutes, and you need more than 8 hours to recharge one. So it can be an inconvenience as you may have to stop working mid-way to change the battery if the current one runs out.

The tool is also accompanied by two types of cleaning heads, one for floor and one for reaching into crevices.


These five hand vacuums are considered to be the best vacuum cleaners for 2019. Whether it is their capacity, power, price, or utility, they are at the top among their peers. However, hand vacs are usually small and are not suitable for full-house cleaning; you will need to use another type of vacuum cleaner for a full house cleaning.

If you wish to buy one of these Best rated vacuum cleaners - Real Vacuum Reviews , you can order them through Amazon or any website that has them available for purchase.


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