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Wanted! MINI BMS cell module.

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I am either looking for 1 second gen mini bms cell module with a 3.8v cut off
48 third gen mini bms cell modules

I have a system running 2nd gen mini bms modules. I damaged one and tried repairing it with no success. I purchased a 3rd gen module but it seems to have a different draw on the cell and that cell always seems to hit full charge first, even after bleeding it down repeatedly, in multiple charges. If i could get a 2nd gen module with a 3.8v cut off that would be amazing! If not I will have to change the rest of the modules to 3rd gen, which I just saw that Cleanpowerauto is no longer selling them. So I might be looking at a completely new system if I can't find mini bms modules

Thanks for any and all help!
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Suggest you send a private message to user DMPstar as he may have one for you.
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I have exactly the same problem, and the same experience with 3rd gen module. Did you manage to purchase 2nd gen module? I also sent message to DMPstar, but he didn't reply.

I'm looking to but 2, or better 4 modules (3.8V) if possible, to have some spares for the future.

I will appreciate any help.
Not to hijack the thread, but me too! I am searching for 3 of the old gen 2 "C" boards (M10, 3.6v). But I would take any gen2 3.6v board and put a new ring on it, no prob. Wouldn't mind buying a couple extra spares, too.

PM me if you have extras looking to sell! And thanks.

Edit - heard back from the MiniBMS folks and apparently you can mix gen1, gen2, gen3 but they have different shunting capabilities, so you'll have to manually balance every so often if you mix gen1 with gen2/3 (which are more similar) because of the imbalance that will develop over time. I'm cool with that so bring on any extra 3.6v boards you have and I'll make 'em work. Cheers.
Not sure if this thread is still active, but I am also looking for 4-5 cleanpowerauto v3 miniBMS cell modules. I want to add four batteries to my pack, and do NOT want to upgrade the BMS if I can avoid it.

I called cleanpowerauto this week and they have no remaining stock.

Any other ideas about how to manage the four new batteries would be welcome.
I have 33 pieces of miniBMS cell modules
1 piece of miniBMS head end board
1 piece of miniBMS EV display

If someone wants to buy this alltogether the price 285$, transportation cost is not included.

I am from Croatia, city of Zagreb.
I have the same problem. I have 4 cells with the new modules.
My primitive workaround is to bleed off the 4 cells by jumping them (in series) to one of the cars headlights for a few hours. I moved all the new modules next to one another so I could do that.
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