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I am either looking for 1 second gen mini bms cell module with a 3.8v cut off
48 third gen mini bms cell modules

I have a system running 2nd gen mini bms modules. I damaged one and tried repairing it with no success. I purchased a 3rd gen module but it seems to have a different draw on the cell and that cell always seems to hit full charge first, even after bleeding it down repeatedly, in multiple charges. If i could get a 2nd gen module with a 3.8v cut off that would be amazing! If not I will have to change the rest of the modules to 3rd gen, which I just saw that Cleanpowerauto is no longer selling them. So I might be looking at a completely new system if I can't find mini bms modules

Thanks for any and all help!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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