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Not to hijack the thread, but me too! I am searching for 3 of the old gen 2 "C" boards (M10, 3.6v). But I would take any gen2 3.6v board and put a new ring on it, no prob. Wouldn't mind buying a couple extra spares, too.

PM me if you have extras looking to sell! And thanks.

Edit - heard back from the MiniBMS folks and apparently you can mix gen1, gen2, gen3 but they have different shunting capabilities, so you'll have to manually balance every so often if you mix gen1 with gen2/3 (which are more similar) because of the imbalance that will develop over time. I'm cool with that so bring on any extra 3.6v boards you have and I'll make 'em work. Cheers.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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