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Recent forklifts are AC - and not very usable as the controllers are relatively low voltage
Older units use DC motors - and you can overvolt them !
I'm using 340 volts on my 48 volt Hitachi motor - but I am a wee bit extreme
For road use you need about 150 volts

These are heavy objects - the best way to find one is to find out who in your area repairs forklifts - electric forklifts
Then go and visit them
Take cash
You need to get past the front office and get to the guys who repair them - they will probably have a couple they have kept "just in case"

Offer cash or beer

Talk to them - if they don't have one they may know who else would have one

I have a local guy - 100 miles away - who seems to get all of the scrapped forklifts here - but he is in Dunedin NZ and I suspect the shipping costs would be rather large
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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