I am looking for a bolt-in replacement motor for my MG Midget conversion. It has been electric since '91 and the motor has a severely worn shaft around the bearings due to clutch load (no thrust bearings) after ~45k electric miles. My plan is to build a "customized" motor by using my current motor case since it has welded attachment points, use the internals of another motor, and make a new custom back case that has a thrust bearing instead of the current wavy washer in order to properly deal with the clutch load. Clearly, these motors were designed for radial loads not axial loads. Let this also be a warning to anyone else using brushed motors similar to mine :)

I know these motors are out there as 100 or so were sold in an eBay auction 2 years ago.

Car is this if you are interested in seeing it:

Thanks! - Willem