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wanted (UK) forklift drive motor

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Hi guys

I new to the EV scene and want a forklift drive motor for an convertion i have in mind.

48volts to be run at 72v ,, 7-10 kws if possible

many thanks

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Hi, Welcome to the forum.

Where abouts are you and what sort of project are you planning? It would be good to know.

There is one place I know where you can get a fork lift truck motor 'off the shelf'.
Fork Truck Breakers near Chesterfield. They have a small warehouse full of them all at about £300 a piece the last time I was there.

You can get cheaper but often cheaper comes with having to remove it from a dead truck and then selling on the remains.

You just missed a 12" 96V motor on Ebay and so that would be another place to look.
hi woodsmith,

I am in sunny suffolk. the main aim is to do the comute to work and back. im a shift worker so the roads are always quite quite when im about. the round trip is 44 miles.

was thinking of converting a fiat cinquento as these are really light cars. my dad works in a car parts place and can get really cheap lead acid batts and we have found some at 150ah so these x6 to give 72v at 150ah...

it may be possible the charge at work.

was going to build my own PWM controller as quite handy with electronics. which just leaves a suitable motor to be found.

Hope this would work but im just a newbie so may not. Ill leave it to the experts for there comclusions.

many thanks stu
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Hi Stu, you should start a thread in the builds and conversions forum. There would be a lot of advice there.

For building a controller it is worth having a look at the Paul and Sabrina Open Revolt kit in their shop. There is a long, long write up on the design and development of their open source controller on Ecomodder.

What sort of batteries are you planning on? 150Ah starting batteries will be next to useless, they will die after a few miles of use. You need proper deep cycle ones.

Would you like me to move this thread to the builds forum? If so just pm me.
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