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Since I've decided to sell my larger planned project I've decided a bug is where I want to be. I don't mind running a bug on gas but I'm still rather captivated by electric.

Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication
I do all my own work other than machining or pressing. However I have and use frequently at work a CNC capable of milling aluminum but not steel.
The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge)
Still would love to see 100+ miles, can live with 50 if I have to.
What level of performance you are hoping to get
Slightly better than stock.
How much money you are willing to put into your project
Ideally 10000$ or less but I realize that this will likely end up in the 20000$ range.
What parts you've already considered, if any.
I've only poked around on evwest website and noted they had a kit for 19k$ but I'm not that interested in the low volt/high amp curtis setups if there's something better out there.

I've debated if there's any existing production ev that are hybrid with a compact enough motor unit that it could be retrofit into the bug and could be salvaged from a wrecked unit.

At this point I'm still sourcing a bug that's in my initial budget and figure now is a time to ask here what those who've done this say about those curtis kits over something put together from individual components.

I want regenerative braking but I can live without them if it means better long term performance and range.

My current drive to work is now about 28 miles each direction. I have up to 480V power I can tap into at work if necessary to charge while at work.

I also can't accept losing the rear seat as most of the EV builds for the bug I've seen have done.
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