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Hi All - Sorry for the delay in posting. Life/work has gotten busy. Supply chain restrictions are rocking my world as a hardware engineer responsible for producing a edge controller with a diverse BOM.

Good progress on the build in the last month. In fact, I've been driving it for the last week!

Attaching a number of photos below.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Automotive exterior Bumper

Motor bracket fabricated to retain motor parallel with longitudinals per recommendation from @914EV Thanks!!

Automotive tire Asphalt Wood Road surface Bumper

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive exterior

Controller situated on top of the new bracket :

Motor vehicle Vehicle Electrical wiring Gas Engineering

Rebuilt shift linkage from shifter all the way back to tail shift. New bushings and sleeves.

Automotive tire Bicycle part Bicycle fork Bumper Automotive exterior

Blue Wood Rectangle Circle Audio equipment

Short term battery fitment solution. I want to build "saddle bags" of sorts adjacent the motor to hold new modules. But until then, Enerdel modules up front.

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

First J1772 charge :
Automotive parking light Tire Car Vehicle registration plate Land vehicle

Test drive with instrumentation provided through Orion BMS app :
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive design

First public charge !!

Wheel Car Tire Sky Vehicle

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Punch list 3-15-22:

  1. Determine source of gear oil leak from transaxle (sure wish that had been dealt with prior to reassembly--strange that it wasn't an issue before the swap)
  2. Flip the wiring on the AC smart circuit breaker. Currently remote open causes the device to lose power for communication.
  3. Wire traction voltage output to DC/DC on the load side of the contactor. Currently it will draw continuously off the traction battery. Requires manual open close.
  4. Install newer controls box for modem, PLC, OBDII unit.
  5. Upgrade the cooling system for the Zilla. Aquarium pump seems janky.
  6. Alignment
  7. Install Grayhill CAN gauge in cab for simple metrics
  8. Debug tach which should indicate current per Zilla setting, but currently does nothing.
  9. Debug why "start" position is not required. Contactor closes as soon as ignition switch in "run".
  10. Add friction tape to cell tap wiring harness.
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