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Warp 9" Motor Vibration at Higher RPMs

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Has anyone seen issues with their motor starting to vibrate as the RPMs increase? I am guessing this is happening due to a slightly unbalanced hub/flywheel.

Any suggestions on how to diagnose/resolve?

I don't have a TAC attached so can't gauge the RPMs but it continues to get worse the higher the RPMs. Everything still works-- I am just having to run in a higher gear than is probably optimal in order to keep the vibration down...
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You should really try to get to the bottom of this as it could lead to other issues (bearing wear, sheared motor shaft, or tearing up the end-bell, or worse..) I have seen some adapters that were the cause, but I have not experienced a motor armature as the cause in the past 12 years - though it "could" happen..
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