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Warp 9 shorted

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Just a quicky for anyone interested. I had a shorted Warp 9. It caused a Curtis controller to fry, and my Manzanita to also fry. Thought it was my battery pack, and it may have been shorted to frame from salt spray, but once the motor got shorted enough, it started frying things.

Anyways, once I found the short on the field coils to the frame and pulled the motor, it was surprisingly easy to tear the thing apart and remove the rotor. Cleaned the case and coils, but the short was still there, so carefully removing the bolts for the field coils, and numbering them so I got everything back in correctly, I pulled the coils and found one with that tape stuff off to one side, and the short / burn through right at that point. Cleaned, re-taped and threw it back together. Short gone! Actually the short went away when I unbolted the third field coil, bolted it back in right away and the short came right back.

It was amazing how easy it was to put back together. Pulled the brushes almost all the way out so the springs would hold them out of the way when putting the rotor back in.
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I pulled the coils and found one with that tape stuff off to one side
Hi. Was that a solder joint that became exposed or somewhere down the wire the enamel scraped off? Hopefully the replacement tape is high insulation and high temperature rated. Nevertheless, excellent that you could fix that yourself. The Soliton gods might be frowning at how a controller can't protect itself from overcurrent... Are you planning to tackle that next?

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