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Thought I' start a thread specifically on Warp9 brush replacement to see if others are having similar experience with life, etc.

I have just replaced the brushes in my eMiata at 24,000 miles.... I live in a dry dusty place (Santa Fe, NM), and generally drive the car pretty hard in urban/suburban situations with a fair amount of 500-800amp accelleration and *some* 10-15 mile highway driving trips as well as *some* dirt roads when driving to client sites as I sell Solar...

My decision to replace brushes was driven by the fact that SOME of the brushes wore down significantly more than others, and on the most worn ones the springs were almost touching the brush holders.

Brush replacement itself was pretty easy, except that in my build I had to remove the engine bay battery box to get to the brushes. I have the brushes in, and just applied a 12v battery to spin the motor to seat the new brushes under light load.


1. how many miles did YOU get before brush replacement? maybe tell a little about how you drive, and environmental conditions...

2. how long did you run motor on 12v to seat new brushes? How do you know when you're 'done', and ready to run under normal loads?

3. how much current does YOUR motor pull, spinning transmission in neutral, running on a 12v battery? I was surprised mine started at 50amps, but I guess that's what is takes to run the internal fan at 12v?
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