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I suppose that this stunt was inevitable.

Just about any vehicle can tow just about anything on wheels, if the ground is level, smooth, and hard enough... as long as the drive system can apply torque while moving very slowly. Any torque-converter type (conventional) automatic transmission works as long as it has enough cooling, and any electric motor will work as long as it has enough cooling (which is why diesel locomotives use electric transmission systems). The electric approach will likely be a more efficient, but the power involved is moderate so efficiency isn't very important.

Other published reports explain why this sort of stunt is not difficult, in at least one case illustrated by a man pulling an airliner by himself. Some refer to the Toyota Tundra pickup truck towing the Space Shuttle orbiter.

Tesla drive units have notoriously poor cooling, so apparently this Model X isn't working very hard.

The Tesla Model X has an advantage over most other consumer EVs of being heavier (for traction and for motor size) and AWD (for traction).
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