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watercraft ev input

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I own a watercraft performance company and we are looking at putting together a all electric watercraft (jetski) the larger sit-down runabout style .
We have very extensive knowledge in watercraft and billet machining etc so we can adapt components as I'm sure much will be needed

looking into motors , controllers etc any input and advice would be appreciated

hoping for as light as possible power plant with range of 80-150 hp the lighter the better with preferred rpm range up to 8000 rpm and maybe cruising rpm 55-6500

battery packs as small and compact as possible
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This type of personal watercraft typically has the power of a small car, and the speeds that you're looking for are typical of modern EV motors.

The good news is that means the motors from common electric cars (e.g. the Nissan Leaf: the ones available in salvage are rated at 80 kW or 108 hp continuous, from about 3,000 to 9,000 rpm) will work. :)
The bad news is that to sustain that power more more than momentarily, or if you want more than a few minutes of high-power operation, you're going to need to carry a huge battery. :(
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