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Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

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Heads up here comes Silver Streak:
See Link for details.

Crazy Highlights.

John Wayland's Gen-1 Honda Insight is being rebuilt for long range BEV. 350 Miles per charge at highway speeds of 55 to 70 MPH.

71.5 kwh battery rated for up to 715 kw of discharge power.
He is expecting to get about ~5 Miles per kwh over the 350 mile run.

He is considering weather to go with a 100 kw or 200 kw motor controller / Inverter and drive motor.

That's crazy ... but I look forward to reading more about it as the story unfolds.
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are dow kokam selling batteries to diyers?

it seems strange that they would poor money into john's project then not sell their product to other garage converters.

their site seems to talk for paragraphs about how "amazing":p their product is, but there is no information on price.
they are mostly just tiptoeing around the new technology of electric cars, thats why they are generally underpowered and small, and why those alleged plug in hybrids have appalling range.

i think what the ev industry really needs is a corporate sports car, something like the Nissan same battery and floor plan with a say 150kw -200kw motor and looks like a sports car, if you could do that and sell it for a similar price people will buy it. looks are the most important thing in selling a car.

who here wold honestly buy a leaf to drive to and from work every day? now who here would buy a small two seater with 150kw and 160km range to get them to work

both cars are essentially similar in build cost but one has a much broader market. and when you are building a corporate sports car you don't have to worry about how many vegetables and children it can carry.

Note: when i say corporate sports car i mean any cheep two seater that is made to look like but not necessarily perform like a sports car.
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1 - 2 of 86 Posts
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