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Wayland's 350Mile per Charge Honda Insight BEV

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Heads up here comes Silver Streak:
See Link for details.

Crazy Highlights.

John Wayland's Gen-1 Honda Insight is being rebuilt for long range BEV. 350 Miles per charge at highway speeds of 55 to 70 MPH.

71.5 kwh battery rated for up to 715 kw of discharge power.
He is expecting to get about ~5 Miles per kwh over the 350 mile run.

He is considering weather to go with a 100 kw or 200 kw motor controller / Inverter and drive motor.

That's crazy ... but I look forward to reading more about it as the story unfolds.
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I'm hoping he'll add "salt" to that list. With 200 kW and great aerodynamics the Insight would be a respectable Salt Flats car.
Nice. I like the plan for Blue Meanie too. Wayland really is an asset to the EV community. I couldn't take the "style" of communication between the guys on the NEDRA boards, but have the utmost respect for what Wayland does on asphalt, cement, and sand... ((thumbs-up))
What are the problems? Have you have problems with your DC motors on the highway? I would think direct drive would excel on the highway and have trouble with stop-and-go or steep hills.
CroDriver said:
try to go on a highway with a direct drive DC motor ...
Got it. So does this mean you'll be using trannies or going to AC?
DC motors are flying apart at high RPMs (been there, done that - twice) and suck efficiency wise at low RPMs.
1 - 3 of 86 Posts
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