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Hey Moonunit, you are using the model s modules, right? I have not watched any of the tear-down videos on youtube, but they might give you some insight into how Tesla routed the coolant lines originally. That might give you more confidence to tackle a liquid cooling system. If the pack I have is any indicator, they probably put some thought into how to protect the batteries in case of a coolant leak. On my Tesla branded mercedes pack, they ran all the coolant lines inside a water-proof trough at one end of the battery box, and put a little float switch at the bottom of it, which presumably shut off the coolant pump and flashed some serious warning lights. How are you planning on mounting the modules? Could you fit some sort of water-proof bulkhead on the end with the plumbing?

It seems to me that trying to heat the batteries from the outside in is going to be pretty slow - and it gives you no way to cool them. Granted, you are almost certainly not going to be asking as much from them in terms of peak demand or fast charging, so air cooling might be enough. Hopefully someone who has used these modules will weigh in. I will be watching with interest.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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