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Westfalia T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

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VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain


I'm asking myself if DiyEcar is still the best place to put a build thread and to obtain help.
It was the case many years ago when the overvolted forklift motor was the rule, but now?

Well, my plan is to put a 200 hp 60 kWh Bolt drivetrain in a Westfalia... Exciting right?
Yes, but all the electronic and control in the Bolt fear me a bit.
Anyway, I will have the crached Bolt in few days and the West in few weeks.

Let me know if you have advice or help.


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Re: VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain


I agree with Duncan but only on 1 condition: he didn't mention that it should be with sensors on the front. Why don't you want to put the sensors on the front (sorry if I haven't seen it).

Otherwise with 2 sensors on each rear wheel (left front & rear, etc) the abs will not activate under braking unless only 1 rear tyre skids and then it will release braking pressure to BOTH wheels on that same side (both left or both right wheels) which isn't good on loose surfaces. And if a rear wheel spins when accelerating the traction control will 'panic' and assume 1 side of the vehicle is skidding so might cause an actual spin by releasing braking and increasing braking accordingly to different wheels to stabilise a stable car.

Either use all the sensors on all the wheels or bypass the abs unit but keep it connected. I'd plumb a small reservoir to lubricate the solenoids too or it could burn out. AND, you must match the driven wheels to the driven sensors, or front sensors on rear wheels and rear on front as the ECU will expect wheel spin from driven wheels and only limit power accordingly.

Hope that makes sense. My vote is keep the abs and use all sensors on opposite front to rear wheels.
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Re: VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

Very nice work Yabert. Well done so far.
Re: VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

Great news Yabert! Congratulations. How long are you having to stop to charge?
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