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Westfalia T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

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VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain


I'm asking myself if DiyEcar is still the best place to put a build thread and to obtain help.
It was the case many years ago when the overvolted forklift motor was the rule, but now?

Well, my plan is to put a 200 hp 60 kWh Bolt drivetrain in a Westfalia... Exciting right?
Yes, but all the electronic and control in the Bolt fear me a bit.
Anyway, I will have the crached Bolt in few days and the West in few weeks.

Let me know if you have advice or help.


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The guy above can do body swaps to Prii skateboards in a few months normally which if I ever do it it will be how I approach the issue.
The Prius doesn't have a "skateboard" structure, and neither does any Tesla; it's unfortunate the Tesla people incorrectly used this term.
The Model 3 looks like it uses something damned close to a skateboard. See 3:35 here:

Though it's not obvious it wouldn't fold up due to the coilovers being unsupported if it wasn't on the factory carrier, you would support them in a graft onto a host vehicle.

But, the likelihood of matching up wheelbase and track being almost zero, you have to question the bother unless you're building your own car body.
Thanks bilbo!

Here is the link between the chevrolet Bolt spline of the gearbox and the 6 holes flange of the VW cv axles.
So the link between VW and Chevy!


I'm curious about how you jigged it in order to maintain concentricity?

Are you planning to balance those, or use them as-welded?
That's what the forum is for. This isn't a place to look people up.

Offline discussions are nonproductive from the information giver's perspective.

You are also expected to give as well as receive. That could be as simple as a build log thread, or as involved as participating in the open.
1 - 6 of 175 Posts
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