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Westfalia T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

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VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain


I'm asking myself if DiyEcar is still the best place to put a build thread and to obtain help.
It was the case many years ago when the overvolted forklift motor was the rule, but now?

Well, my plan is to put a 200 hp 60 kWh Bolt drivetrain in a Westfalia... Exciting right?
Yes, but all the electronic and control in the Bolt fear me a bit.
Anyway, I will have the crached Bolt in few days and the West in few weeks.

Let me know if you have advice or help.


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Bolt heart and brain inside a classic body?
if this works this could be pretty big, and translate to a lot of other cars
so you went from two cars separated to a combined franken van in less than 8 months? that's pretty damn impressive.
would you say it was particularly easy? just a matter of routing wires and fabricating mount points? If you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?
Frustrating how CCS level 3 charging for diy conversions is still not a solved problem, it's fine with chademo though, that's dead simple

feels like a requirement for any build with under 200 miles of range, in the usa at least, taking a conversion from weird oddity to very practical daily in all but the most unique circumstances
1 - 4 of 175 Posts
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