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Westfalia T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain

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VW Vanagon T3 with Chevy Bolt drivetrain


I'm asking myself if DiyEcar is still the best place to put a build thread and to obtain help.
It was the case many years ago when the overvolted forklift motor was the rule, but now?

Well, my plan is to put a 200 hp 60 kWh Bolt drivetrain in a Westfalia... Exciting right?
Yes, but all the electronic and control in the Bolt fear me a bit.
Anyway, I will have the crached Bolt in few days and the West in few weeks.

Let me know if you have advice or help.


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I know that there is a shunt resistor about 1/8 watt probably 1K ohm across the airbag activator that gets destroyed when the airbags go off.

What do the autobody people do to reset the computers? I have heard that if the airbags deploy the car gets insurance totaled.
The only things I would add: DOM doesnt have a tight callout for straightness, so inspect your piece.

On your collar: if you drill at least two holes through coupling and weld down to the inner tube the joint becomes as strong as the inner tube. Required procedure on aircraft tube structures
Should be 3 or so limit switches that have to be on, a high pressure switch that needs to be off, maybe 1 thermistor whatever controls the VCX valve. They sytem might also want to know status of the control relays. Should be an online A/C manual for it showing sensor placement and wiring diagram.

Low pressure prior to compressor, high pressure after compressor, etc.

Im not a A/C guy. All the experts here should know better than me, but I guess not.
YOUR pdf hints that the variable resistors should work, and you may want to see what the BIG orange gray /orange pair going into the A/C logic board actually do. Looks to me like there is some sort of control happening there that goes to the charger control module on the following page. You may also need to spoof the battery pack temp sensor in the coolant inlet unless the coolant temps go high or low from 20C

My knowledge is limited, BUT, I am fairly sure on the Volts, charging does not require ECM CANBUS monitoring. I know nothing about the Bolts, but knowing how Chevy operates as far as Tech training goes, both systems could be similar.
1 - 5 of 175 Posts
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