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OK I posted a excited start but so far have not even touched the car? No real excuse except I have two other cars to fix at the moment. Had to replace the lower control arm on my Volvo V70xc. What a pain that is? Also have to replace outer tie rod end on my Volvo XC90. However I have been busy buying parts and I building myslef a lab power supply for a old computer ATX power supply which I had lying around. This a link as to how to do it.

I read somewhere about a guy using one as a 144DC to 12VDC convertor instead of buying some expensive DC to DC convertor? If anyone has done this let me know how? I posted a question about this on the blog and turn out you can run these on DC. So I guess I now have a cheap DC to DC convertor.

So far I have purchased a Kilovac EV200 Series Contactor, Tyco EV200AAANA from a man for $50 each. I tested them both with my power supply and they clunk when I apply 12V so I assume all good. Also I have a pot box comming from a very nice man in India.

Hope to finish the Volvo this weekend and then start de-ICE ing the Saturn.

Oh also my wife has booted me out of the dinning room and the basement has become my electrical design room now.
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