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All motors used in EVs can run in reverse, but there are some motors used in non-vehicle applications which are designed to run in only one direction - don't worry about which, because you won't find one in a size you'll want to use.

Brushed DC motors run about equally well in either direction unless their brush timing is adjusted from neutral to advanced, to handle high forward speed better; if advanced they will still run in reverse but not as well as forward.

DC motors with permanent magnet rotors are reversed by reversing the polarity of the supplied power. A DC motor with a wound rotor (series or SepEx) is reversed by reversing the polarity of the power supplied to the field (stator) relative to the polarity of the power supplied to the armature (rotor); reversing contactors (relays) are used for this.

A 3-phase AC motor (either induction or permanent magnet) will run either direction equally well. Yes, the direction is determined by the controller's settings or mode.
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