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Our wiki has grown to be a pretty excellent resource for people to learn about the conversion process but as with anything there are probably big holes where people may be wanting information that isn't currently there.

Mainly asking new people to the site, but also more generally; what topics do you think would be really useful to be covered on the wiki and what existing articles do you think need updating or expansion upon? That way we can focus our energy on the topics that will be most useful, and save our energy on the less useful ones.

I'd also like to remind people that any regestered user can add, edit and expand upon any article in the wiki. Just click on the NuWiki tab on the toolbar at the top left part of the screen and click "Create New Article" to start a new thread.

Personally I would like to see more specific DIY write ups of how to do individual parts of the conversion process.

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One thing that would be handy is, wherever there is a worksheet or example of a system, if all major types of that system were examined and compared in a real-world way, with a small amount of theoretical comparison.

For example, traction motors could have series DC, PMAC, ACIM and shunt for example. There could be a paragraph or two of discussion of each motor and better yet a comparison chart.

The same thing could go for speed controllers, braking systems, etc. I think batteries are fairly well covered.
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