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What extras are worth harvesting from Leaf before sending to junkyard

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I've begun my Leaf-powered '79 Superbeetle 'vert project and am about to start disassembly of the 2014 Leaf so I can get it out of the driveway.

I'll be using the Resolve-EV controller (arrived yesterday!), so will keep the things recommended in the Resolve-EV online manual to get it running.

I am assuming that with the front end crushed, various dents and scratches around the panels, stained seats, and without the drive stack or batteries, I'm probably not going to get much from the yard for what's left, and I may even have to pay for them to take it.

Is there anything worth keeping, possibly for selling?

My son thinks the navigation system, wheels, and possibly doors might be worth hanging onto. Any have suggestions?

If I take the wheels, should I make plywood replacements for it to roll on, or will the wrecker just drag it onto a flatbed? (put it on moving dollies? should be light without drive stack and batteries)

Is it worth saving sensors for people trying to do a Leaf-build from parts rather than scavenging from a whole Leaf?

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If you can possibly make space for it keep the whole thing

UNTIL you have your project car on the road

There will be parts that you don't realise you need - and which will cost you time and money to get - put it in a corner and put a tarp over it

Once your project car is complete and working - THEN scrap the bits you didn't need
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