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What make model to choose?

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I'm looking into starting a conversion shop and would like suggestions on a make and model of a small pickup to start up.

I think I want to target small businesses that could use a small pickup around town. I've never owned a small pickup so I need suggestions on ones that ride good and you think would make good conversions.

I would like to pick a type of pickup and stick with that type so I learn the vehicle and how to convert it as quick as possible. I can always expand to other makes in the future.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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I'd suggest you do a survey of your prospective clients, and ask THEM what they would buy. Perhaps even get letters of intent that you could use to obtain a loan for startup costs showing you have clients lined up ready to buy.

you'll need to get a feel for whether they are willing to buy 10 year old models to keep cost down, or are willing to go newer.. whether they would use small trucks, or really need 1/2 ton, or bigger.... etc.
I've driven a few different small pick ups and I really liked the last-gen (up to 2003) Toyota Tacoma. Lots of fleet vehicles out there and ripe for refurbishing and electrification.

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Tacoma looks like a good choice after reading about them. A 15 year unlimited miles warranty says something about their quality.

I will keep an eye out for one for sale so I can get a better look.

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