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What motor voltage should I look for?

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I'm looking for electric motors for my EV conversion, and I've realized that I'm horribly under-informed...

I have no idea what I should be looking for, especially in terms of voltage. I've heard that I should look for something between 100-200 lbs, and that I should be looking at forklift motors.

My ideal conversion:
-less than $3,000 to complete
-maintain 4x4 capability
-range of at least 85 miles
-able to drive at 70 mph (but usually will be driving at around 45 mph)
-charges enough to go about 20 miles within an hour and a half or less
-fully charges in 10 hours or less

My current specs:
-car weighs approx. 4,000 lbs
-automatic transmission
-4x4 capable

I know a lot of my ideal specs lean heavily on the battery specs, but I know the motor makes a difference too.

Thank you SO MUCH for ANY help!!!
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Hi Jessica11k

Don't worry about voltage (yet)
First - your location makes a big difference

Motors - your options are
Use a "power unit" out of a crashed EV - by far the best and cheapest option
BUT it does involve messing about with modern electronics

Use a forklift motor and a DC power supply
Cheap cheerful and a bit unsophisticated

Buy a "new" motor for an electric car
By far the most expensive and least powerful

The cheapest overall is to get a crashed Leaf or something and use all of the bits
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