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whoa, you guys have way too many different plugs over there, I'm glad we (europe) have a clear standard here.. 2 prong for low power devices, 3 prong for 230v/16a, a waterproof version with the same specs, and then waterproof plugs for 16, 32, 64 and 125A @400v 3phase.

that being said, I have no idea, just use the plug that is most suitable for your situation :). I think most people use the 30 amp plug because its the most common plug everywhere there? not everybody has 3phase or 50 amp outlets in their garage, and then still, they might want to charge at other places too.

I will either use one that would normally be used to plug in to motorhomes and caravans at campings on the car side, or a high power 3phase plug. (similar in size/build but different colour, number of prongs and keying).
On the wall side, I can use the same plug, or just get the "generic wall socket" plug as a short adapter cable too, for charging at other locations.
perhaps some mechanism to determine if your other end is plugged in to 3phase or to a standard wall socket. (and adapt charging power to that automatically, that would be cool :))
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