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What plug to use for 30 amp charger?

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Hi all,
I'm trying to settle on a plug to use for my PFC-30. It comes with a NEMA 14-30 on it, and they say to use an adapter to convert it to other plug types. I'll probably put an adapter on the inside of the car to the gas tank lid, and I'm wondering why plug people most often use for a 30 amp charge. Should I use a locking plug, like the NEMA L6-30, or an unlocking one?

Any advice, or notes on what is the most common to use?

I'll also need to make up an extension cord to charge in my garage -- I can install whatever outlet I need at up to 50 amps. I already have a 6-50 plug for a powder coating oven, and another 50 amp one (forget the kind) for my welder.

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