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I don't think that BMS will work with your system. I am also making a build with Nissan Leaf batteries; each Nissan module is rated at around 8 volts. That BMS has a battery voltage detection range of 1-5V so its a little too low to detect a leaf module. Maybe it could work if you set it up to each cell in the module but i think your best bet is to find something similar to this but with a little higher voltage detection. If you find something please let me know though I'm also in the market for a BMS for Leaf batteries! Ill msg here if I find anything as well.
All of the BMS that I know of on the market are made to be attached to each cell, not each Leaf Module.

There are 3 taps on a Leaf cell. B-, B+ and a center tap that goes to the connection inside between the two cell groups. This allows you to tap off each cell and use a standard BMS.

I'd never suggest someone monitor at the module-level. Always monitor at the cell-level.

Background on me, since you're new to the forum: I've been selling BMS for years so I know a lot of the vendors of BMS, and how they work and are configured. Elithion, Orion, Zeva and have built multiple designs of a BMS.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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