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I am looking for specific part suggestions for wiring a BMS with 24ga wire to my custom leaf battery pack which I believe has 6M nuts sized terminals.

I was thinking basic wire ring terminals, but I’d like to solder them in and the normal ones for a 6M post size are for much larger diameter wire.

Thank you kindly in advance,

Remember each module consists of two sets of cells so you need to think about both the larger outside connectors and the smaller middle connections for your BMS to give you the cell level measurements. The picture in the previous post illustrates what i am talking about. I found ring terminals online after my local electronics supply house went out of business. I crimp them and don't solder them because the solder stiffens the wire and in a vehicle situation the vibration might cause them to fail at the point that the solder has wicked up the wire. I also used shrink tubing around the end of the ring terminals to give the wire some support.
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