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What to blog about?

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I like how the blogs look so far and would like to encourage you to post about anything you wish.

Types of things I think would be cool to write about:

1) Editorial/Opinion: Things like "Why I think such and such an energy will be successful" or "Why I don't do x y and z"

2) News: Discussing EV-Related Politics, etc..

3) Product Reviews: Covering the latest piece of hardware, technology or other announcement.

4) Day-To-Day Journal: Just talking about your experience. Many people are interesting hearing how EVs work day-to-day

5) Conversion Journal: Writing about your conversion as you go through it

Does anyone else have any other ideas? I really like the combination blog/forum platform for information dissemination. I'd also like to get anyone else set up that's interested in blogging here.

I'm adding some syndication tools in with the blogs so they can more easily be accessible to the world. I have a feeling some of you may become very popular soon :)