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I had many such shipments. It has never been about residential/business addresses, but always has been about availability of forklift or loading dock, and as a secondary concern was ability for the trucks to get in/out of the location. In half of those cases option to pay extra for lift gate was available.

I would say if there is no way for them to deliver with a lift gate, and there is no alternative location to take that thing to like others suggested, one other option is to rent a forklift from a place like United Rentals. Their equipment rental is pretty reasonably priced, but if you can't pick it up / drop it off at one of their locations logistical fees will run quite a bit.

And as a follow up thought, I'd check if the freight company has an option for pickup at their hub - just go there with a trailer, and have them dump the thing with a forklift.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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