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Working with battery packs and attaching the other components to your vehicle, takes some skill and experience. Do you have the skill and experience to do this? Also, working with some battery packs requires special safety protocols with the ~400 Volts used. You usually don't get a second chance after you screw-up at this high of voltage.

Some people have purchased one of these to pick up packs at the freight depot: 1720 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Super Duty Folding Trailer
It also makes a good storage/move around tool. You can roll it under the jacked up vehicle when you are ready to attach the pack to the bottom of the vehicle. This may be many months or years after the project is started. Which makes it kind of a huge up front expense and waste, just having the pack sitting around. A better option may be to purchase an empty battery box as a mock-up. Many times, the battery box is just scrapped and available after the individual battery modules are removed. This empty battery box is much easier to move around when the attachment holes are lined-up and clearances checked.

Too many people think if they can just buy the batteries up front, the rest of the project will just fall into place. Again, it probably will take many months or years to finish the project. Unfortunately, I believe this contributes, along with too many vanity and some pretty sketchy battery uses, to the general scarcity and high prices of batteries right now. Also, in the future, there might be better, cheaper battery options available for your project.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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